Forms: Checkbox & Textarea Element

Tip #1 – Checkboxes let a user select ZERO or MORE options of a limited number of choices.

​​Tip #2 – The <textarea> element defines a multi-line input field

Code Along

<!-- CHECKBOX -->                       
                       <p>Choose all the prizes you would like the heros to find</p>
                       <input type="checkbox" id="prize1" name="prize1" value="beans">
                       <label for="prize1"> Magical Bean</label><br>
                       <input type="checkbox" id="prize2" name="prize2" value="caterpillars">
                       <label for="prize2"> Glow in the dark caterpillars</label><br>
                       <input type="checkbox" id="prize3" name="prize3" value="card">
                       <label for="prize3"> Amazon giftcard</label>
<!-- TEXTAREA -->              
                       <textarea id="suggestion" name="suggestion" rows="10" cols="55">
                       Adventure Suggestions


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  4. You can use the Run button beneath the code editor to test your code.
  5. Output from the code that you have written will appear in the panel on the right side of your screen.

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