Regions Automation – Introduction

In this C# course we will go over an introduction to C#, Visual Studio and .Net Framework vs .Net Core. We will move on to the basics of developing software which will include topics like variables, methods, branching and loops. We will build on this foundation by teaching you about Object Oriented Programming (abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism). We will also cover the SOLID design pattern. From there, we will explore some popular libraries and how to use them in your application and testing. We will expand on your skills by teaching you about Version Control using Git from both the command line and Visual Studio. 

Just as importantly as writing good code, is the importance of testing our code. We will cover the basics of unit testing to ensure our code is up to par. We will explore a couple of different test running frameworks like xUnit and nUnit. We will dive into how to automate web applications using Selenium and the page object design pattern. Finally, we will tie this all together by exploring the CI/CD pipeline and how we can automate this entire process from end to end.